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Don’t Remodel Your Bathroom, Let Us Refinish Your Tub & Tile! Save 80% or more vs. Bathtub Liners or Replacement. Glaze Pro has over 15 years experience in bathtub and tile refinishing. We provide an industry leading 7 year warranty for residential customers and 3 years for rentals and commercial customers. Check out our online reviews!


Additional Services

Safeway Step Conversion

Installed using the present tub, whether it’s made of fiberglass or steel. Aids the senior and the caregiver by removing their biggest barrier in the tub area.

Permanent Inlays

Permanent inlays are a method of reinforcing and repairing weak or cracked floors in fiberglass enclosures.

No-Spray Shine-On Gloss Restoration

Our least expensive & most economical solution to unsightly bathtubs. Our shine-on procedure basically “restores the original gloss” of the bathtub or enclosure.

Glaze Pro is family owned and operated, insured, we use printed and signed service agreements, our rates are affordable, no high pressure sales tactics, we don’t up-charge and most additional services is our standard, we use tried and proven quality products from local suppliers, we always wear proper safety equipment, we provide a printed and signed warranty with care instructions, we honor terms covered under warranty, no subs only employees and we’ve been in this trade since 2000. Glaze Pro is an A rated BBB business establishment with zero complaints. There’s no miracle to any method, just plain old fashioned hard work and taking the proper time to do the job right. “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten” Benjamin Franklin

Surface Repair

Does your bathtub have a chip, crack or scratch? We can repair any type of bathtub surface material whether it's cast iron, baked enamel, gelcoat, acrylic or vikrell. We can repair bathtubs that are to be refinished or we can repair the surface to be matched up with the current color and texture.

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